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This is a simple cheese to make, to such an extent that it is typically made new day by day in India. Paneer is the most well-known cheddar utilized in south Asian cooking and can show up in a few arrangements, from brittle and open finished, to a firm, very much combined cheddar for cutting. It is an ideal cheddar for veggie lovers to use in cooking since it has no rennet utilized in the production.Paneer is the most widely recognized cheddar utilized in India’s kitchens as a result of its perfect, new, and flexible flavor, which loans itself well to a collection of plans.


  •  Improves Digestion
  • Curds can likewise help absorption. Curds has good measure of phosphorous which helps in assimilation and discharge. The magnesium present in curds can likewise forestall obstruction. Magnesium has a diuretic impact. Which implies it brings water into the stools, making them milder and simpler to go through the intestinal dividers.
  •  Rich Source Of Folate
  • Folate is a B-complex nutrient which is basic for pregnant ladies. Folate helps fetal improvement in anticipating moms. Aside from this, folate has a urgent influence in red platelets creation as well.
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  • Advantages of paneer: Folate is a B-complex nutrient which is exceptionally fundamental for pregnant women .
  •  Lifts Weight Loss
  • The protein thick cheddar can keep you satisfied for long and keep the cravings for food under control. Notwithstanding being wealthy in protein, paneer is additionally a rich wellspring of conjugated linoleic corrosive. This unsaturated fat helps expanding the fat consuming procedure in the body. All you weight-watchers, ensure you eat crude paneer to get compelling outcomes.
  •  Wealthy In Protein
  • As indicated by Bangalore based nutritionist, Dr. Anju , Curds is a thick wellspring of protein. She says, It relies on the sort of milk from which the paneer is stirred. In the event that it is from full cream milk, it is high on fat as well, notwithstanding being a protein thick food. Other than iron, practically all fundamental minerals like calcium and magnesium are available in curds.
  •  Curds Strengthen Bones And Teeth
  • Curds is probably the best wellspring of calcium. Specialists state that curds can satisfy 8% of the every day suggested esteem. 100 grams of curds has an incredible 83 grams of protein! Satisfactory calcium levels guarantee solid bones, teeth, sound heart muscles and smooth nerve working too.(Also Read: Calcium Rich
  •  Keeps up Blood Sugar Levels
  • Curds can help manage glucose levels as well. Curds is pressed with magnesium which can check the troublesome spikes as well as guarantee better heart wellbeing and safe framework. The high protein part of paneer likewise eases back arrival of sugar into the blood and forestalls sudden climb and decrease in blood
  •  Useful For Heart Health
  • Curds can do ponders for your heart wellbeing as well. Paneer contains potassium which has been known to assume a key job in liquid equalization of body. Your kidneys assume a pivotal job in dealing with your circulatory strain by controlling the measure of liquid put away in your body. The thought is straightforward, the more the liquid, the more the weight. Potassium controls the perfect liquid equalization as well as refute the impacts of an excessive amount of salt.


  • Boats assisted in a protected bundle to guarantee newness
  • Made in India
  • Paneer is a customary, full-fat, delicate cheddar utilized in Indian cooking
  • An extraordinary wellspring of protein, paneer makes a brilliant meat substitute
  • Produced using cow’s milk

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